Adrian Johnson

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Adrian Johnson

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Freshness and Variety

Adrian Johnson is from England and Adrian was born he has been interested in drawing and painting since studying art at college which Adrian has continued to practice in his spare time.

Adrian is another one of our MIA (Missing in Action) artists.
If you've seen Adrian lately or know what he's been up to, please let us know.

Adrian enjoys mostly producing portraits and studies of the figure, especially female nudes and he prefers to work in dry mediums such as graphite pencil and pastel, however Adrian is always looking to try different techniques and he is hoping to develop his painting technique in the future.

Adrian is influenced by most of the art that he sees whether it is modern work or old and especially those artists who concentrate on the figure for example Degas.

Adrian likes to try to draw with detail but also enjoy the freshness and variety that can be achieved with simple lines of the pencil and pastel, and he always hopes to try catch the character of the model.


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