Dirk Richter

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Dirk Richter

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Hang for Graphite

Dirk started to draw when he was very young. Due to his Love for Comics and Fantasy-Films, he drew a lot of Fantasy Pictures. Sometimes, even though he dindn't like it as much, he drew also some Buildings, Flowers etc.

In his Schooltime he developed his Hang for Graphite Drawings, and tried out all kinds of other Styles, for example Water-Color Paintings, but he knew, Graphite would allways be his personal favourite.

Because of his Work and his Education, between the Years 1992 and 2000 only very few Pictures were finished. He didn't have the Time, nor could he concentrate on his Art as much as he would have liked to.

In 1996 Dirk began his Studies of Architecture in Hannover. Within theses Studies there were offerd some Drawing and Painting Courses, which he attended full of Expectations. And he started Drawing again, in his free Time, too. Due to the Studies of Architecture most of the Works were Buildings, interior Designs and Landscape Drawings. In some of his Arts his Fantasy Influences, which he still had, were placed into the Drawings, and some of his Professors were confronted with some abnormal Drawings of Buildings.

In these Times there were some Courses offered, where the Students could draw nude Men and Women, and it was then, when Dirk started to realize, that Pin-Up Drawings combined with some Elements of Fantasy, was the really right thing for him to do. The Fantasy in his Mind and the esthetic Bodies of beatuiful women were just the right Combination for Dirk. Some normal Pin-Ups and some Fantasy were finished at the End of his Studies.

Now Dirk still tries out a lot of different Styles and Composions. He is eger to learn more and to perfect his own Style. Dirk never, except for the Courses in his Studies, learned to draw professionally. Only his Talent and his Passion for the Art lets these amazing Drawings come into Being.



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