Don Monroe

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My name is Don Monroe, and I was born in 1968 in Louisville, Ky. I'm also a full-time pin-up artist. My work is soon to be published in Mystic Vessel magazine and I've just released my first limited edition art card set. I've been drawing pin-ups and erotic art for about 8 years, but I've been drawing since I was big enough to hold a pencil in my hand. I love art, all types of art, but I really love pin-up and erotic art!

My mother was an artist, and some of my earliest memories are of watching her draw and paint. I guess you could say she planted the seed that started me down this wonderful path of life as an artist. I'm primarily self taught, reading everything I could get my hands on and simply asking other artists that I admire for any tips that could help me develop and improve my own style. The artists that have influenced my work and gave me hope that I can make a living doing what I love, reads like a who's who of pin-up artists from Hajime Sorayama, Olivia de Berardinis, Armando Huerta, Jon Hul to Barbara Jensen. They've all influenced me in one way or another, and without them paving the way, I know I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.

One of my dreams as an artist, is to someday have my name mentioned in the same breath as the great pin-up artists that inspired me, and I hope that when I'm long gone from this big, beautiful planet of ours, my artwork will inspire the next great pin-up artists of the future.

A guy can dream right? I hope you enjoy my work!


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