Gina King

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Focusing on Female Form

Gina King was born in Greenfield, Indiana in the United States. She currently resides in Indianapolis. A self-taught artist, Gina began developing her artistic skills at an early age, creating with her two grandmothers, who were both artists.

As a teenager, Gina gained interest in comic books and fantasy/pinup art. After being exposed to the works of Olivia, Boris Vallejo, and Simon Bisley, her art took a turn towards fantasy and erotica, focusing mainly on the female form.

Today, Gina King is one of the new breed of contemporary erotic artists whose work is finding acceptance in the mainstream. Her work is quickly becoming highly sought after by private collectors worldwide. Gina's work has been exhibited alongside some of the masters of the fantasy and pinup art genres. You will also find her work internationally in publications such as Marquis, Heavy Metal Magazine, Jade (UK), Club International, and Slitz(Sweden).

Gina King's style incorporates bold colors and shadows to create a variety of moods and sensuality. Her breadth of work covers pinup, fantasy, fetish, and the erotic.



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