Joe Jusko

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Gorgeous and Wildly Popular Fantasy Comics

Joe Jusko is an extremely well known comic and fantasy artist/painter, loved by many a comic fan. He is widely known in the comic scene for his covers and trading cards.

He was the talented artist who alone brought us the gorgeous and wildly popular first series (1992) of Marvel Masterpiece card-sets and the immensely detailed "Joe Jusko does Edgar Rice Boroughs" 1994 card-set, and is featured in Conan and Vampirella card sets.

His work has graced covers of Wizard magazine and his covers or illustrations span Vampirella, the Punisher, Conan, Shi, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Heavy Metal Magazine, Marvel Double shot, Crimson, 21 down, and many more. His work is featured in books such as "The Art of Marvel" as "Joe Jusko's Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs."

He also worked on Police and Firefighter Heroes of September 11. This lithograph features a painting of Captain America saluting our fallen heroes. Joe painted this with the special request that all the money go to the New York City Police and Fire Department Widow and Orphan's Fund. This litho is premiering on the Dynamic Forces website.

This will be available both signed and unsigned by Joe Jusko. The fact that Joe Jusko was so emotionally drawn to the situation, being an ex-New York City Policemen himself, but geographically being far away, he did the only thing he could. He put his emotion into his work and his craft and created one of the most unbelievable images of all times.

Dynamic Forces is proud to turn this awesome image into a lithograph. Joe Jusko has donated his time, Marvel Comics are donating all their fees and Dynamic Forces is donating every penny to the New York City Police and Fireman's Widow's and Orphan's Fund.



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