Kim Harlow

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Tasteful Blend of Sensual Eroticism

Specializing in a tasteful blend of sensual eroticism and tenderness in her drawings, Kim finds the seductive, sexy and playful side in each her subjects.

While skillfully capturing the beauty and sensuality in their personalities through her camera and pencils, her work charms and seduces female fantasies as well as mesmerizing her male audience.

Of course, growing up tan and barefoot on the beaches in Southern California provided a great deal of inspiration. Beautiful women are everywhere... and they're having fun!

Largely self-taught, Kim's tedious technique is extraordinary, working in colored pencil, acrylic washes or ink. Her surfaces of choice are French pastel papers or illustration boards. For black and white drawings, graphite pencils have always been her favorite. "There is just nothing like them."

Passion: The different paths we take can be very exciting (and to some, a bit strange). Whatever the case, find what you love to do. Then just do it! Do it, live it, enjoy it and relish in the wonder. A great honor, and one that can not be matched, is the many letters received from those all over the world who have been touched, inspired and spellbound by Kim's art.

Kim Harlow was born, raised and still resides in Southern California, USA.



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